PlayStation Store currently updating, maintenance period extended

PlayStation Store logo - Image 1Yes, you’re all excited about the PlayStation Store revamp as much as we are, but we’ll have to wait a bit more before it goes up. Yes, the maintenance downtime has been extended until April 15. While you’re twiddling your thumbs, you can check out more details in the full article.

Sony PS3 console - Image 1We know how you all are hyped up on the PlayStation Store revamp, and are probably twiddling your thumbs waiting for the store to go back up again once you’re reading this. However, your wait may be a little longer than expected.

Those who kept tabs about the implementation of the new PlayStation Store may remember the previous announcement concerning the Store’s downtime, which was slated to begin from 8 AM PST until 11 PM PST of the same day.

However, the downtime has been extended. According to PlayStation Store’s Senior Manager Grace Chen, the PlayStation Store went offline on the early morning of April 14, and will become accessible on April 15, also in the early morning hours.

The weekly PlayStation Store updates will pick up once again on April 17 (that’s a Thursday), the same day as the launch of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. More updates as we get them.

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