PlayStation Store gets three more videos

PSN - Image 1More from the PlayStation Blog – new video releases on the PlayStation Store. The weekend’s still a few days from now, but here’s a little something-something to get you through mid-week with a smile, courtesy of the PlayStation Store.

Already bummed out from work and school? It’s only Tuesday! Well, this may be the fix for that – they just put out three more video releases on the PlayStation Store. Laugh along with Step Brothers and Bam Margera: Where the #$&% is Santa, or catch some X-Files: I Want to Believe to keep you smiling through the week.

Step Brothers is great, Will Ferrell is hilarious. “As soon as your eyes shut, I’m gonna punch you square in the face.” Lol. The PlayStation Blog even gives us a trailer to watch while you’re turning your PS3 on to get check the movies. Enjoy.

More from the PlayStation Blog:

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