Pokemon Platinum TV spot shows Super Mario Galaxy-ish gameplay

Pokemon Platinum - Image 1The Pokemon multimedia series needs very little introduction, we suppose, so let’s talk about the goods. There’s a new minute-long Japanese TV spot for the upcoming Pokemon Platinum, and you can watch the whole thing after the jump! Make sure you catch the part where it shows the player do some anti-gravity walking-on-walls-and-ceilings stunts.

“Awesome Pokemon Platinum TV Spot is AWESOME!” That was our first thought when we saw this video, and we’re sharing the goods with you now.

The video, clocking in at a little under a minute, shows CG versions of some of the most well-known Pokemon, culminating in the appearance of Origin Form Giratina. The gameplay shown features something new and interesting though: you’ll apparently traverse a world where gravity is subject to the land you’re standing on, meaning you can essentially walk walls and ceilings. It reminds us of Super Mario Galaxy. Sweet!

Not much else is known about Pokemon Platinum at the moment, so enjoy the video for what it is. The game will come out on September 13 in Japan.

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