PotBS news: Flying Lab Software offers in-game items as compensation for extended downtime

Pirates of the Burning Sea: Downtime compensation for all players - Image 1Downtimes are inevitable and usually predictable, but it’s those extended downtimes that really hurt sometimes. Flying Lab Software recently had some extended downtime for Pirates of the Burning Sea, and they wanted to make up for it (or at least soften the blow) by offering players some special in-game items that should make levelling and earning money a lot easier. More after the jump!

Pirates of the Burning Sea confers compensation to inconvenienced players - Image 1Flying Lab Software recently had some extended downtime with Pirates of the Burning Sea as a result of “urgent issues that surfaced with the latest patch.” While it’s good that the problems have been fixed, players may have become understandably upset with the inability to play the game they love.

To remedy that, Rhaegar also posted announcement regarding some special items that they’ll be giving to players as compensation for the downtime.

Specifically, players will get six Bonus Loot Books and six Bonus Experience Books. These consumable items confer a two-hour long (real-time, as opposed to game-time) status effect to in-game avatars.
The Bonus Loot Book gives a +20% chance to get double the loot from a fallen foe, while the Bonus Experience Book increases experience gains by 20% for the duration of the status effect.

These items will be placed in the inventory of all players via a patch that’ll be implemented on Wednesday. In the meantime, you guys better get back to playing. There are pirates that need to be taken out with cannonballs and sabers, and only you can do the deed.

Via Flying Lab Software

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