PS3 2.40 Test Firmware’s in-game XMB in action?

PS3 2.40 Test Firmware's in-game XMB in action? - Image 1It seems QJ readers really took notice when we discussed the possibility of PS3 firmware update 2.40 carrying the in-game XMB we’ve been looking forward to. Well, there’s a new video out related to this which should be of interest to you. View it after the jump!

QJ readers certainly took notice when we posted about the possibility of PS3 Firmware 2.40 carrying the in-game XMB. While we still don’t have any formal confirmation of this, here’s a new video we found that should pique your interest.

According to what we’ve been able to figure out, this PS3News video is of an in-game XMB running on PS3 2.40 Test Firmware. What this means is that this video is supposedly footage from a debug version of the firmware rather than a final version.

The video apparently shows off the in-game XMB running a Ridge Racer 7 demo. During the XMB portions of the video, you’ll also notice that the you can access a trophy collection, as well as various debug modes.

In any event, we’ll leave this as a rumor until we get further confirmation from Sony. Till then, we suggest you keep checking QJ for more updates regarding the potential of PS3 firmware 2.40.

Via PS3News

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