PS3 ad spills beans on TV show downloads

Rumor - Video - PS3 ad spills beans on TV show downloads? - Image 1It looks like PS3 owners are going to be treated to something special, but of course this is just a rumor. We were able to spot one particular ad that revealed that the console might be able to download TV shows. Catch the advertisement after the jump!

Last April, Sony‘s Scott Steinberg revealed the possibility that the PS3 will be having some fancy features. An example would be the movie and music download services. Well, we managed to grab something that’s somehow related to this.

A new video advertisement was posted showing the various features of the said console. Apparently, there’s one snippet that caught our eyes. Even though it was just shown for a limited time, we saw icons of different TV networks, such as HBO, Cartoon Network, NBC, and the CW.

Now, this is certainly something to note. Network logos? Could this mean that there’s a possibility that users can download TV shows in the future? Hopefully. But as of writing, nothing has been confirmed about this. Time will tell if things will become a reality.

For the meantime, watch the clip we’ve provided below. Do keep an eye out for the logos we mentioned. We’ll hook you guys up with the latest news and developments on this matter.

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