PS3 EndWar owners get Tom Clancy Pack DLC

Tom Clancy's EndWar - Image 1Just as Tom Clancy‘s EndWar (PS3, PSP, DS, Xbox 360) from Ubisoft comes out, PS3 owners get a pleasant bonus. Ubisoft has just confirmed PS3-exclusive DLC for the fresh new release. Details after the jump.

We’ve barely had time to play Tom Clancy‘s Endwar (PS3, PSP, DS, Xbox 360) and already we’re getting DLC. PS3 owners will be glad they got (or will be getting) the game – Ubisoft confirms that exclusive DLC is available for download.

 EndWar menu - Image 1 EndWar menu - Image 2 

Check the “Community and Extras” Tab on the main menu, then click on “VIP.” Follow the login procedures and you should get access to the Tom Clancy Pack. To download, simply link your account with your PS3. The DLC includes 3 battalions and upgrades for each faction.

  • SGB: 13th Airborne Battalion; Dragunov Sniper Upgrade
  • JSF: 10th Assault Battalion; SCORPION Munitions Upgrade
  • EFEC: Airborne Battlegroup 4; Counter-Snipe Upgrade

For those who don’t have the game yet, try the Buy links below.

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(PSP), (DS)]

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