PS3 Homebrew – Tondeke bukabuu v0.0.1

Sony PS3 - Image 1You wouldn’t want birds to attack you, right? Maybe bu-nyan‘s PS3 BD-J homebrew game, Tondeke bukabuu v0.0.1 can help you train for probable bird attacks. Check it out after the jump.

Download: Tondeke bukabuu v0.0.1

Tondeke bukabuu v0.0.1 - Image 1More PS3 BD-J’s coming our way, and we’re loving it. This one’s from bu-nyan yet again and it’s called Tondeke bukabuu v0.0.1.

It’s pretty reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock‘s suspense-thriller The Birds, and that’s because this game has got birds flying all around. What you have to do is simple: stay alive by defending yourself against the crows as long as you can. It’s survival of the fittest at its simplest.

Download: Tondeke bukabuu v0.0.1

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