PS3 Movie Pack, GT5 Pack to hit Europe soon

40GB PS3 - Image 1If you don’t have a Sony PlayStation 3 yet, but you’re planning to get one soon, March just might be the month to do it. A French website has revealed that two new bundles of the 40GB SKU will be released and each one carries special treats. How about a package containing hot prospect Gran Turismo 5 Prologue? If that tickles your imagination, head to the full article and catch all the details.

PS3 Gt5, movie pack - Image 1 PS3 Gt5, movie pack - Image 2

Heads up, prospective Sony PlayStation 3 buyers from Europe! A French site has reported that a couple of new bundles will be released this March. The packages include either hit Blu-ray movies or one of the hottest upcoming games all for 399€.

Both bundles will carry the 40GB PS3 SKU. The first one is the Movie Pack which includes Hollywood blockbusters 300, Spider-man 3, and Casino Royale.

The second bundle is the GT5 Pack which also has the 40GB PS3 and a copy of upcoming marquee title Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. This looks like the hotter deal of the two if you’ve been looking forward to another big exclusive for the platform.

The Movie Pack is slated for release on March 19th while the GT5 Pack should be on store shelves by the 29th. No official word has been given whether or not these bundles will hit the UK or the US. We’ll keep you updated for more on that one.

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