PS3’s Imabikisou heading to the Wii

Imabikisou heading to the Wii - Image 1It looks like the Wii will be getting an infusion of horror, courtesy of Sega and Chunsoft. Famitsu reports that Imabikisou, the sound novel game for the PS3, will be heading to the Wii with extra goodies packed in. Learn more about it after the jump!

Imabikisou heads to the Wii - Image 1 

Nintendo Wii owners who love themselves a good scare can rejoice at his new bit of news we’ve recently uncovered.

It seems that Sega and Chunsoft‘s Imabikisou, which was previously made only for the PlayStation 3, will be heading to the Wii as well as Imabikisou Kaimeihen. This sound novel game places you in a world where a drug known as “Vision” appears to be killing people in mysterious ways.

As the star of the story, you’ve got to find out what’s causing all the deaths, and hopefully survive the whole process as well.  According to the information available so far, Imabikisou Kaimeihen will come with extra scenarios that weren’t part of the PS3 version.

It is currently slated for a 2008 release date in Japan, with no release yet announced for other territories.

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