PS-CoverFlow: album art for the PSP

Coverflow animefreak345 - Image 1Those who prefer some nice graphics to go along with their PSP music player may want to check out animefreak345‘s PS-CoverFlow, based on sony_psp_player‘s own Coverflow homebrew application. With sleek black backgrounds, it’s going to get even better in future updates. More details in the full article!

Download: PS-CoverFlow
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PSP CoverFlow - Image 1 

Remember sony_psp_player‘s Coverflow for the PSP? There’s a similar homebrewed program out right now, PS-CoverFlow by animefreak345. The newer application uses part of sony_psp_player‘s Coverflow code, but looks different in its own right.

Unlike Coverflow, the PS-CoverFlow has a sleek, black background. It also displays the title of the song, the artist, and the name of the album as well. The graphical interface may look a bit simple for your taste right now, but animefreak345 has a few things in store for future updates. Check them out:

  • automatic updater — all you have to do is extract the file into the folder and it updates the app
  • updaterdelete album art/songs
  • ~maybe~ somehow edit the id3 in lua
  • better coverflow
  • improved graphics
  • photos implemented.
  • and much, much more!!

PS-CoverFlow - Image 1 PS-CoverFlow - Image 2 

There are some things to be noted before using this application, however. Here’s animefreak345’s important notes:

IMPORTANT: you must have at least on image in ms0:/PICTURE/covers/ folder to run the coverflow or else it will not work. it also MUST be in jpeg format or else it wont work. And you must have your music under ms0:/MUSIC. It does read the id3 tags in the player.

There are also some other things that you need to take note of, such as instructions on how to create album art, and so on. Be sure to check out the readme file before you even attempt to use this application. To try PS-CoverFlow out just download the application from the link below, and enjoy!

Download: PS-CoverFlow
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forums

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