PSN Europe: No Echochrome demo today

PSN Europe - No Echochrome demo today - Image 1We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we just want you guys to know about the status of SCEJ‘s Echochrome demo on the PlayStation Store. Even though it was reported that it’s going to put there, people in Europe won’t be able to download it today. Read more on this event after the jump!

PSN Europe - No Echochrome demo today - Image 1People in North America really have it good since the SCEJ‘s Echochrome (Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable) demo has been released over at the PlayStation Store.

However, gamers in Europe currently do not. We got information that the game demo is not part of today’s PAL store update. Meaning, there’s no Echochrome demo to download and play with.

This is definitely bad news to those who are eagerly anticipating to try out some of the things found in the game. The demo includes a brief tutorial and presumably a few of the early stages in the game.

Well, don’t worry about it guys. For sure, things will look up in the coming days. When they do, we’ll surely usher in the good news that’ll surely make your day. So better keep on checking on our site for that.

Via Eurogamer

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