PSP Doom Legacy now brewed for PSP

PSP Doom Legacy now brewed for PSP - Image 1Still got that box of Doom Legacy collecting dust on the shelf? It would probably be more useful to you if all those Doom titles could tail along with you on the road. Good news for you if you’re a oldie game-lover on-the-go: homebrew developer kgsws, known for porting games such as Hexen, Heretic, and Quake (the one with adhoc multiplay, no less) to the PSP, has ported that same game for the Playstation Portable. Check it out at the full story.

Download: PSP Doom Legacy

PSP Doom Legacy now brewed for PSP - Image 1 

What we hear from kgsws is that the homebrew developer ported over Doom Legacy for the PC to Sony‘s PlayStation Portable, and this first release already sports multiplayer capability. You’ve got to note, however, that while Doom Legacy was compiled to show the old Doom games in a whole new visual light, for PSP Doom Legacy, you’re only going to see that ‘new visual light’ on software rendering mode.

PSP Doom Legacy doesn’t include the in-game music, but it does support multiplayer of the PSP adhoc connection, and the PC-PSP port is also designed to accommodate up to five separate WAD files (“where’s all the data” of Doom persuasion, mind you). One of those slots on the menu is reserved for the main WAD file (the original game content), while the four remaining slots are for custom-created modification WAD.

Now before you go downloading the archive we’ve plopped right down below, take note that PSP Doom Legacy is an initial and not final release. Always be aware that bugs may also appear when you’re a heavy plug-in user on your handheld. With that noted, try and keep a minimal load configuration to avoid hiccups in executing kgsws’ PSP Doom Legacy. Enjoy!

Download: PSP Doom Legacy

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