PSP Filer v5.1 – added binary editor feature

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Homebrew developer Mediumgauge was hard at work with the useful PlayStation Portable homebrew app, PSP Filer. A new build to the program recently went live with version 5.1 packing in several new additions to extend PSP Filer’s functionality. To find out what these new changes are since our previous coverage of the program, click on the “read more” link found below.

Download: PSP Filer v5.1

Screenshot of Mediumgauge's PSP Filer for PSP - Image 1 Screenshot of Mediumgauge's PSP Filer for PSP - Image 2 

It didn’t take very long for homebrew developer Mediumgauge to come up with a new build of the extremely useful PlayStation Portable homebrew application, PSP Filer. The latest version increments itself to v5.1 and includes several new additions to extend its functionality.

PSP Filer v5.1 now comes with a new binary editor feature, which complements the previous binary viewer by allowing you to edit the contents displayed on it. However, the developer notes that files larger than 22MB as well as archived files cannot be edited.

As for the other changes included since our previous coverage of PSP Filer, you can read the contents of the changelog found below:


  • enabled to connect to PC via USB in kernel 3 version.

Binary viewer:

  • added a binary editor feature.

As always, PSP Filer comes with several documentation files, so please make sure to read them before installing the app into your handheld. We hope you find the latest version of PSP filer useful.

Download: PSP Filer v5.1

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