PSP Hacks Contest Entry: Pixel Attack v0.2

PSP - Image 1If you’re looking for a puzzle game on the PSP that’s a bit more frantic than most games, then homebrew developer slicer4ever may have what you’re yearning for. Presenting the very addictive and very enjoyable Pixel Attack, now in its latest version with a lot of improvements. Check out what this means to you in the full article, and see if you can also enjoy this game where you simply avoid a lot of things coming your way.

Download: Pixel Attack v0.2
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

Pixel Attack v0.2 - Image 1

Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer slicer4ever recently dropped by the QJ.NET forums to give us a heads up that the homebrew game Pixel Attack has just been updated, and boy is the changelog a very meaty one. Let’s look at what has changed from the last version, and what sort of challenge we’ll be going up against in this new build.

For the improvements, here’s the changelog:

  • added background explosions
  • added background music
  • re-wrote entire code
  • major overhaul of physics
  • controls are far better and more interactivity
  • move across entire screen now
  • Circles more ecstatic
  • Name in highscore
  • Both 1.5 and non-1.5 included

Very nice, indeed. For those of us new to Pixel Attack, the point of the game is simple: survive and get a high score. That’s pretty much it. And you’ll have a heck of a time doing it, since you’ll be avoiding stuff of all kinds – from pixels to orbs to everything else. And as always, if you have any questions regarding installation and use, all you need is the readme file in the downloadable archive. Enjoy!

Download: Pixel Attack v0.2
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

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