PSP hombrew teaser video: Aap Lander

Teaser video: Aap Lander - Image 1Wondering what BlackShark – the creator of Ace of Space – has been up to lately? The developer dropped by the QJ.NET PSP Development Forums recently to release a teaser video for a new homebrew project under development titled Aap Lander. More details and a video up ahead in the full article.

Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forum

BlackShark over at the QJ.NET PSP Development Forums has released details for a new homebrew game currently under development, titled Aap Lander.

The developer describes this game to have a similar play style to the classic Lunar Lander title. Aside from the expected fuel limit challenge from Lunar Lander, BlackShark’s game ups the ante with maze-like stages, bonus life packs, and unexpected obstacles like spikes.

Aap Lander’s at the beta phase and currently has around 28 maps. It also comes with a map editor that will allow you to create your own stages and edit the game’s gravity. BlackShark’s planning to create a few more just before the public release.

In line with this announcement, BlackShark’s also released an Aap Lander teaser video. You can view that here, though you may also want to visit the coder’s thread over at the QJ.NET PSP Development Forums to provide your feedback and suggestions.

Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forum

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