PSP Homebrew – DarkCheat Version 3.0

PSP - Image 1DarkCheat Version 3.0 is an all in one solution for your homebrew gaming needs, so says developer Satyrlus. It’s got cool features such as support for all major cheat code formats, as well as an easy to use code creator, among many other things.

Download: Dark Cheat Version 3.0

Pink PSP - Image 1Satyrlus brings us his all in on solution to your PSP homebrew game issues, the DarkCheat Version 3.0.

This program is to help you hack and modify your games to make them play the way you want them to. In other words, you can make the game your own. Key features for this release are the following:

  • Multiple search modes to find almost any code;
  • Support for all major cheat code formats;
  • An easy to use code creator, which allows advanced codes to be made by anyone;
  • Memory Dumping at a custom range;
  • Multiple view memory viewer/editor;
  • Memory Patch creator;
  • Video Output using RemoteJoy;
  • Screen capture, in various formats;
  • Performance adjustments (CPU…);
  • Chinese dictionary;
  • And many other options/features!

As for the changelog:

  • A few minor bug fixes;
  • Cheat DB loads without any problems now.

And then there are the bugs that you have to be aware of:

  • Please note the text reader doesn’t work at this time,
  • The HOME screen is also in Chinese while the plugin is enabled.

Thanks to our tipster: _OwNeD.YoU!

Download: Dark Cheat Version 3.0

Via One Hit Gamer

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