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PSP Homebrew - Image 1MacroFire v2.3.4 from pen is a homebrew app that allows your PSP’s firmware to run on custom plug-ins. There are a lot of things to take note of apart from the changelog, so we’ll cut the chitchat and go straight to business. Just head on straight to full article.

Download: MacroFire v2.3.4

Sony PSP - Image 1MacroFire v2.3.4 from pen is a homebrew app that allows your PSP’s firmware to run on custom plug-ins. From what we can gather from the lengthy dev notes, this requires CFW 5.00 M33-3 only.

There are a lot of things to take note of apart from the changelog (which we have here as well, of course), so we’ll cut the chitchat and go straight to business (in full Google Translate regalia).

* V2.3.2 how to hook the M33 to take advantage of the SDK, but again, to make their own hook. I do not know a lot of excuses, and the PSP-HUD will no longer be competitive.
* System calls generated an exception to get the thread running mode, and from the right button to return to the correct state.
* HOME menu button on the end was unable to fix the problem.

Any set of buttons and punches,
In the operation of certain auto-macro function is done.

The batter is set to Rapidfire in addition to the press to leave the state can be set up,
RPG and the press without the use of rubber bands and combat equipment can be automated.

Macro functions, to operate logged particular, it can be run repeatedly.

Requirements Confirmed
Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-3

Do not work with 3.71M33.
It does not work in the firmware.

PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 does not have to work so I do not understand the situation,
The extension has not been using RAM.

The following are included in the file ms0: / seplugins to copy.


Following, ms0: / seplugins in


Each of the following to add the path.

ms0: / seplugins / macrofire.prx

  • If you do not have these files, please create.
  • After going to write RIKABARIMODO, Plugins from the items
  • The plug-in needed to Enabled location.
  • However, VSH on the “Internet” is running a limited,
  • Rensha macro functions and features will not work, the only real can not adjust the sensitivity of the analog stick.
  • This feature allows them to other sites that mock attacks will be made to deal with that concern,
  • The measures to ease the restrictions we would like.


  • Start the game, you use two buttons to control volume (and – the key) to press the Start menu.
  • This button can be changed in the configuration file.
  • See below for details of the “settings file”, please refer to the items.
  • The basic menu is the following key operation.
  • ↑ ↓: Move items
  • ← →: Change option
  • ○ button: the decision of items
  • ?button: top
  • START button: menu to quit immediately
  • This is a typical operation, and other items to another depending on the features,
  • If you have another operation.
  • In this case, at the bottom of each key has been written about how to manipulate you.


  • MacroFire Engine
  • This plug-in or switch to be operated.
  • Macro functions and functions punches a button, and will affect all functions.
  • OFF shortly after the start of the game, so if you use the controller to switch ON.
  • In the configuration file can set the initial state.
  • Buttons to launch the menu
  • MacroFire game from the menu button to set the display.
  • If you want to use this to set the ON button, and the combination in the game by pressing the button,
  • MacroFire menus can be displayed.
  • In the configuration file can set the initial state.
  • Buttons to toggle the engine state
  • MacroFire Engine does not appear on the menu ON / OFF button to switch between sets.
  • Here you want to switch to the ON button to set the game in that push of a button combination,
  • If OFF ON to the MacroFire Engine, OFF ON Switch to you.
  • In the configuration file can set the initial state.

  • Tuning the analog stick sensitivity
  • Position and the sensitivity of the analog stick, the dead zone is set.
  • For more information, is included please manual_analogsens.txt

  • Rapidfire settings
  • Button set the blaze.
  • For more information, is included manual_rapidfire.txt please.
  • Macro settings
  • Run the macro settings and features.
  • For more information, is included at manual_macro.txt please.

Configuration file

  • Macrofire.ini base will be set and the
  • Rensha configuration file, except for some macro file using the same format.
  • For more information, please see the included manual_ini.txt.

Known problem

  • Close the menu and return to the game screen when the screen goes wrong moment.
  • “Portable Mainichi Issho” burst mode Why? “RAPID” does not work.
  • AUTO-RAPID” to work.
  • What’s another way to push the button to leave the state, there has been a priority like.
  • Further cause is unknown.

Specifications visible bugs

  • While the menu screen LCD (liquid crystal display) to automatically turn off the light to moderate between the left and
  • At the end of the game menu screen is seen after a moment, then quickly degenerate may still be that.
  • At this time, if you have a game BGM, the screen is dark to continue, but it sounded good but as BGM,
  • If there are no BGM, at first glance appear to freeze and so careful not cut the power.
  • If you are in this state, PSP change the brightness can be solved by pressing a button.
  • File menu in the middle of access and
  • Memory Stick access light flashes leave.
  • However, the actual access has not been so, especially not hurt.
  • However, when this state can not load the file to the list,
  • The macro setting and blazing Save / load time out to perform.
  • If the timeout, and once you return to the game for a while and then I try again.
  • English is too bad.
  • Hardly lit hall.

Future Plans

  • The ability to change the assignment of a button.
  • File Save / RODODAIAROGU, More able to operate on a file.
  • Organize the source code.


  • Tend to see only light, but the mechanism of the plug-in is not official,
  • PSP games that work on plug-in does not consider the existence of.
  • Therefore, the game is always threatening to freeze do not forget that.
  • For a game that can be saved and save often. It is

The software, PSPLink from the source code is a significant benefit.
If this man would have been difficult to achieve with the software.
PSPSDK or custom firmware and if this was not meant to develop itself.
Take this opportunity to appreciate.

Thanks all the developers of the PSPSDK, the PSPLink and the CFW.

Download: MacroFire v2.3.4

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