PSP homebrew: Mario Land – initial release

PlayStation Portable homebrew game: Mario Land by Z3US  - Image 1 We’ve seen quite a number of Mario-themed PlayStation Portable homebrew since the beginning of homebrew (which is quite ironic, but we digress) and today, we’ve got a new one. It’s from newbie PSP homebrew developer Z3US and it’s called Mario Land. Check out the full article for more info.

Download: Mario Land

PlayStation Portable homebrew game: Mario Land by Z3US  - Image 1 We’ve seen a whole lot of Nintendo’s poster boy, Mario, in homebrew (like Mario Kart PSP) and ports (like Super Mario War), among others. Today, we’ve got another one and this time it’s from PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Z3US. It’s called Mario Land and features the intrepid plumber on another homebrew adventure.

Actually, it’s not a complete adventure yet, as the homebrew developer is still fairly new at coding. As of this writing, Mario Land has three themes with a different character for each, including Mario, Luigi, and Mario and Yoshi, plus it has a battery indicator and a timer. The game’s basically just bare bones for now, but the dev indicated that collisions and interactive stone blocks are on the list for the next release.

Here are the controls (from what we can understand of the online translators’ French to English) from Z3US‘ release thread:

  • Triangle – menu
  • Circle – stops the timer (returns it to zero)
  • Cross – restarts timer
  • There is a battery gauge at the top
  • Up on D pad – jump

Anyway, you can check out Mario Land’s initial release by clicking the link below. The bundle doesn’t include a readme file so you might do well to check the dev’s release thread by following the via link.

Download: Mario Land

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