PSP Homebrew – Neutron v0.1

PSP - Image 1Check out notboolean’s new release, the PSP homebrew game Neutron v0.1. It’s a TRON-style game but with a twist.

Download: Neutron v0.1

Neutron v0.1 - Image 1notboolean has released a new PSP homebrew game, Neutron v0.1. This brew is a TRON-style game, however what sets this apart is that the action goes on outside of the cube.

In this release, you can so far play only against the machine, which he describes as “unintelligent for now”. And as the game is repeated over and over again, it is also “repetitive.”

Here are his notes on this brew:

Characteristics of development

  • Tested from 3.80 M33
  • Note: This is the testing of the coder, in principle, should work at all, or most versions, until proven otherwise: P
  • Platform for Programming: Linux (Xubuntu)
  • Toolchain: PSPSDK ( bookstores SDL OpenGL


  • Digital Pad Left: Go rotate to the left with reference to the head of the ship.
  • Digital Pad Right: Go rotating to the right with reference to the head of the ship.


  • From time to time is left hanging

Download: Neutron v0.1

Via PSP Scenebeta

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