PSP Homebrew: PSPUAE 0.71

PSPUAE small - Image 1PSPUAE website admin and developer FOL has announced that the dev team has updated the PSPUAE to version 0.71. This latest release has a few bugfixes for the problems found in the previous version of the program as well as some new features that fans of the application will probably enjoy. To find out more, head on over to the full article.

Download: PSPUAE v0.71

PSPUAE 0.71 - Image 1If you’re looking for an Amiga emulator for the PSP, you might want to try the newly released PSPUAE v0.71. For those who have been using an older version of this application, the developers have added a few improvements over the previous version including a few bug fixes and some new features.

Here’s the changelog for PSPUAE 0.71 as detailed by PSPUAE website admin and developer FOL on the application’s official website:

  • Fixed, not saving Frameskip setting (thanks to horace, for making me see the code clearly)
  • Added left / right sound DWORD code (from Winuae, fixes sound not outputing correctly)
  • Made sound bug from 0.70 into an option, as it gives a speed increase
  • Altered Frameskip logic (to help stop frameskip going crazy)
  • Altered Official Cycle Unit to improve CPU speed option
  • Added Anti-Interpolation sound code (from WinUAE)
  • Added Stereo Separation option

Like all homebrew, remember to go over all the documentation included in the zipped file to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Download: PSPUAE v0.71


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