PSP No MOD PSP Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick

PSP - Image 1Here’s a project that allows you to modify your PSP without actually modding it. That’s right, it’s a No MOD PSP Keyboard, mouse, joystick project. Details can be found after the jump, and we’ve also got the proof of concept – both in picture and in video. See it for yourself.

PSP No MOD - Image 1

gr8npwrfl has released his proof of concept for his No MOD PSP Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick project. The picture you see above is the prototype USB Host to serial interface, that is a AT90USB1287 chip from Atmel.

You might wonder why it is in a box. The developer explained that that is so it wiill be easier to handle because the whole board is only 3 inches by 1 inch. In front of the box are two connectors, which allows him to plug in cables: one to the PSP and the other to a RS232 converter to send data to the PC.

What you have to take particular note of his that all the interfaces require the installation of Pikey onto your PSP. But the best thing about this project is that it does not require any hardware mods to your unit at all! The parts that you’ll be using (keyboard, mouse, joystick) are all stock USB devices. Also, it’s good to know that this actually works for both the Phat and the Slim.

So far, he’s already finished work on the USB mouse driver and a USB Keyboard driver. Apart from that, he’s also working on the Pikey software to make the key mapping work with his system. He explains that with the external keyboard or gamepads, you “will be able to map to ANY PSP internal button or joystick. You will also be able to have multiple mapping files, one for each game of your choice, and map the buttons/ sticks any way you want.”

Anyway, the rest of the details (and there are a lot) can be found at the source link below. But in the meantime, we’ve also got a video for you to show his project in action.

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