PSP Video Converter v2.80: online video conversion, 60fps support, more

Homebrew: PSP Video Converter 2.80 - Image 1Check it out! PSP Video Converter is back! Time to get busy converting videos on your PC so you can watch them on the go with your PSP. This new version introduces the PSPVC server which gives you access to online conversion from anywhere, anytime. PSPVC v2.8 also adds support for pretty close to 60fps framerate videos, as well as the usual audio ripping, image quality tweaking, the works.

Download: PSP Video Converter v2.8

PSP Homebrew: PSP Video Converter v2.80 - Image 1Hey, look what dropped in! PSP Video Converter v2.8 has just been released by Nick Swardh. What’s more is that, aside from getting to convert videos (whether on your PC or straight right out of YouTube or MySpace) for your PSP, this new version introduces the PSPVC server which allows you to convert stuff online.

As a recap for all those who’ve missed the previous releases, PSPVC allows you to convert videos to a format suitable for watching on your PSP. If you’re not a fan of videos, it can also just rip the sound clips from videos, if you so wish.

Here’s the full changelog for PSPVC v2.8:

What’s new in v2.80 ?
In this version, I introduce a new feature: PSPVC (Server)
This feature turns PSPVC into a personal online converter that you can use to download and convert videos anytime and from anywhere you want! More info on how to configure and use this feature can be found in the manual

On top of that, I’ve also…

  • Added an “AUTO” mode to the audio sync option (enabled by default)
  • Added support for 59.94 fps framerate
  • Crushed a few minor bugs
  • Improved PSPVC installer

You’ll be installing this program on your PC, of course, and all necessary documentation is found in the download archive. It’s a pretty simple process – it’s just a couple of clicks and you’ll be in video convertion heaven – if you need help though, an html manual is also included to guide you along the process.

Thanks to Nick Swardh for the heads up!

Download: PSP Video Converter v2.8

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