PSP-Maps v0.7

PSP-Maps - Image 1Want to turn your Sony PlayStation Portable into a map-reading gadget? Then you need only to get PSP-Maps, homebrew developer Royale‘s homebrew offering to the scene. Check out in the full article why you should upgrade to this latest version, and what the updates mean to you in terms of keeping the map-reading goodness flowing.

Download: PSP-Maps v0.7

PSP-Maps - Image 1

If you’re a constant globetrotter, or if you simply want to know more about the world around you, then homebrew developer Royale‘s little app, PSP-Maps, should be right up your alley. Pretty much a map-reader that retrieves satellite images directly from Google Maps, PSP-Maps is handy for all your map-reading needs on the go. Let’s check out what’s changed from the last version.

PSP-Maps version 0.7 changelog:

  • added Windows version to the release   
  • added Google Maps and Yahoo Maps! hybrid views   
  • added Virtual Earth hill view   
  • added a list of available views in the menu
  • new icon and screenshot
  • joystick should be less sensitive and more precise   
  • added optional on-screen informations (lat/lon/zoom/view)   
  • geocoding now uses (and not .fr)   
  • load balancing between Google Maps server)   
  • menu updated (smaller font, nicer coding)   
  • readme file was updated

Certainly a very meaty changelog! From additions like the Windows version and the Virtual Earth hill view, to an adjustment of the joystick’s sensitivity and precision, this version should justify its place on your memory stick. As always, please read up on the readme file bundled in the archive in case you’re puzzled as to the usage or installation of the homebrew application PSP-Maps. With that, enjoy!

Download: PSP-Maps v0.7

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