PSPTube 20080106 now out with DailyMotion access

PSPTube - Image 1Fans of SofiyaCat‘s PSP video streaming application, PSPTube, is now finally out with access to DailyMotion! More details and information about this amazing app in the full article.

Download: PSPTube 20080106

PSPTube - Image 1A new version of SofiyaCat‘s ever-useful PSPTube – the Youtube application for the PSP – is already out, supporting Custom Firmware 3.71 M33.

This particular version (previous version here), 20080106, has something that fans of the application might like. A LOT. *drumroll* Another video streaming site, DailyMotion, has been added to PSPTube!

Enthusiasm aside, those who haven’t tried the earlier versions of PSPTube and are having trouble installing the application should do these steps in order to successfully get PSPTube working. Aside from making sure your PSP is already on CFW 3.71M33, take the following steps:

  • Download and Unzip the file in the download like below
  • Copy and Paste the PSPTube folder into your PSP’s GAME folder
  • Boot up PSPTube from the PSP’s main menu

As always, just download the file from the link below. Enjoy!

Download: PSPTube 20080106

Via PSPTube Nekomimi

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