Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice – The Convicts trailer video

Sony and Bigbig's Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice PSP - Image 1Waiting for more information on Sony Computer Entertainment and BigBig StudiosPursuit Force: Extreme Justice? If you are, then you might want to check out The Convicts video which shows off some of the bad guys you have to arrest in the game.

If you want to see the video, don’t hesitate to follow the “read more” link below to get to the full article.

Sony Computer Entertainment and BigBig StudiosPursuit Force: Extreme Justice is all about bringing criminals to justice. If you’re expecting that to be an easy task, then you might change your mind after seeing The Convicts video for the game.

The Convicts, accordingly, were freed from a maximum security prison and are out to cause as much damage as they can. Thankfully, the boss of the Pursuit Force gives you free reign to do the job of stopping them.

He even recommended using “extreme force” and putting these enemies “in the ground.” Anyway, we’re not going to keep you waiting  any longer. Here’s the Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Convicts video.

The title will be released on January 29. While waiting for the exact launch, just enjoy the clip and try to learn a thing or two on how to combat these thugs. Enjoy!

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