Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice – The Raiders trailer video

BigBig Studios Pursuit Force Extreme Justice - Image 1You’ve been briefed about the Convicts, now you better get informed about the Raiders, who will try to make your copper job hard in BigBig StudiosPursuit Force: Extreme Justice. The video in the full article!

Those who are itching to get themselves a slice of cop-robber action pie can get it soon on the January 29 release date of BigBig StudiosPursuit Force: Extreme Justice (already released in Europe).

It’s more or less two weeks away, so to tide you over ’til the game’s launch, here’s a short, succinct, and sweet video to brief you about one of the gangs that you’re going to encounter in-game, the Raiders.

The Raiders have a penchant for stealing cargo, so it’s your job as the Cop Commander to foil the trash-talking Cajuns and hand them over to justice… well, Extreme Justice in this case. Enjoy the video!

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