Puzzle v1 for the DS

Puzzle - Image 1There’s nothing like a simple puzzle to help you unwind after a long day, and Nintendo DS homebrew developer Zeblackos‘ aptly-named project, Puzzle, lets you do just that with colorful tetrominos. No line-forming gameplay here – you just need to make them fit together nicely to form a predetermined shape. Simple?  Yes. Easy? Probably. Addictive? You bet.

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Download: Puzzle v1

Puzzle - Image 1Puzzles have always been a great way to pass the time, and Nintendo DS homebrew developer Zeblackos‘ little project, Puzzle, is no exception. While it’s certainly not the most original or groundbreaking, it does give the age-old game of manipulating colorful tetrominos a colorful twist, and that’s by putting them together to make a beautiful line- I mean, shape.

Here’s a quote from the release thread containing Puzzle version 1’s three modes of play:

  1. Easy: 9 pieces (no more) needed for the resolutions are well oriented. The player can not turn them nor impose a symmetry, it has just the ‘place’.
  2. Medium: 9 parts (not more) necessary for the resolution submitted this time misdirected (and rotational symmetry).The player must turn etc.
  3. Hard: same as medium, but the pre-game does not 9 parts, it presents 12, and this is really for maxi-mutants!

Download: Puzzle v1

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