Quantic Dream talking to class A actors for Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream talking to class A actors for Heavy Rain - Image 1Ambition can be embodied in so many ways, and Quantic Dreams’ efforts on Heavy Rain is definitely high on the “dare to dream” list. Now the PlayStation 3-exclusive title has a couple more tricks up its sleeve for a total emotion-heavy experience, and they’re all hailing from Tinsel Town’s finest. And what did Hollywood‘s A-listers have to say? Find out more at the full story.

Quantic Dream talking to class A actors for Heavy Rain - Image 1 

After a sound ruckus over Quantic Dreams’ The Casting trailer back in E3 2006, little else was heard about Heavy Rain. But a recent interview with the studio’s co-founder, Guillaume de Fondaumière, revealed that progress was going steady for the Sony PlayStation 3-exclusive title, especially on the technology front.

“In the past the limit was the technology. In the production of our next title what we’re discussing with Sony, is not ‘does it look good?’ but ‘is the actor right?'” said de Fondaumière.

He claimed that though critics of The Casting showing claimed Quantic Dream still had much work ahead of them, the studio has finally hit the point where they can accurately portray emotions through acting the way Hollywood‘s best actors would want to look when acting. He later explained:

Today, it’s very different. We’re talking with class A actors. These Hollywood actors are asking us about the scenario and the stories as the technical aspects are taken care of. We’ve been able to demonstrate that we’re capable of portraying the performance. They are asking, “what’s the subject matter, what’s the role?”

But as they’ve been freely touting Heavy Rain‘s engine to a class-A acting lineup, Quantic Dream couldn’t relay their works to fans just yet. “That’s something now that Sony is controlling,” he added, though he was certain that in the future the “right” time to show off the PS3-exclusive technology would come.

Heavy Rain would be Quantic Dream’s third attempt to stray from the mainstream and lay down another milestone for the developer studio in ambitious game design. And because Sony continues to grant the necessary freedom and support to the developers behind Indigo Prophecy and Omikron: The Nomad Soul, this is slowly becoming a solid reason why a gamer must have a  Sony PlayStation 3 in the near future – hey, it’s something different for a change.

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