Quick Tuning Flasher v2 for CF 3.90M33

Quick Tuning Flasher v2 - Image 1Adrin and Marce82‘s Quick Tuning Flasher v2 has just been released, and this time, it’s for CF 3.90 M33. Like the previous version, this one allows you to have multiple themes in your memory, and then flash them to your heart’s delight. You do, of course, have to be careful in installing and using it, so go on over to our full article for more details.

Download: Quick Tuning Flasher v2 (CF 3.90M33)
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

Quick Tuning Flasher v2 - Image 1Hellin from our forums has given us the heads up that developers Adrin and Marce82 have released Quick Tuning Flasher v2 for CF 3.90 M33. We’re sure this will get you guys excited, but try to sit still while reading through the important details.

First off, Quick Flasher is a simple application that works on both PSP models, and goes with Custom Firmwares 3.71M33, 3.80M33 and 3.90M33. What this basically does is allow you to keep six themes in your memory stick and the flash them simply and comfortably. You have to keep in mind though that this software touches files in flash0, so we urge you to use it with caution.

Anyway, here are the rest of his notes regarding installation and use:

  • Before start, you have to know, for a correct operation of Quick Tuning Flasher, you have to had the files in flash0 NOT hided, for the correct acces to them.
  • You have to extract the content of the rar and copy the content to the flash0. After that, you have to execute
  • “Ejecutador.bat”. Finally, the files are unhided, now you can delete the copied files.
  • Note: If you have 3.71 M33 or 3.80 M33 installed with “Despertar del Cementerio” of Dark_Alex, you don’t need to follow this instructions, because the files aren’t hided.
  • For instaling Quick Flasher extrack all the content of the .RAR archive and copie it in the folder MsRoot in the root of yous memory stick
  • Using Quick Flasher is very simple, use the direction pad or joystick and select one of the options by pressing the X buttom.
  • Note: The application will show a warning for15 seconds when it is started, you can pass this warning by pressing X
  • The files or themes for flashing in your Fat or Slim PSP should go inside the folder PSP/THEME/Xmb0x

Important: Before flashing any theme, be sure you have the required space in the flash.

The file’s got the readme, so you might want to check it out for the rest of the details on this application. If you have any queries or comments, check out the forum thread as well, via the link below.

Download: Quick Tuning Flasher v2 (CF 3.90M33)
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

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