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Quickpeek - Image 1Everyone sure had a lot to say this week, from analysts to company execs, all the way to the President, and even the regular commenting folks. Action-packed is the most apt word to describe the past seven days, I believe. A lot of controversies have been courted too, and quite frankly, the gaming scene did happily oblige for some. Don’t just take my word for it. See all that you missed below. You’d want to catch up on this one definitely.

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Everyone sure had a lot to say this week, from analysts to company execs, all the way to the President, and even the regular commenting folks. Action-packed is the most apt word to describe the past seven days, I believe.

A lot of controversies have been courted too, and quite frankly, the gaming scene did happily oblige for some. Don’t just take my word for it. See all that you missed below. You’d want to catch up on this one definitely.

PSP - Image 1 We had a bit of a PSP trifecta this week. We got a closer look at two of the year’s most-anticipated PSP titles — Gran Turismo and LittleBigPlanet — as well as an idea of how these two big console games would translate themselves to the handheld experience, particularly the new PSP Go. And speaking of the Go, could Sony be readying a Western release of the PSP Adhoc Party service to coincide with the Go’s launch? Read all about it and more in this week’s PSP Weekend Warrior.

Link: PSP Weekend Warrior

There was a lot of Nanodesktop-related homebrew releases this week, so kudos to pegasus2000 for all the work. The devs behind the Custom Firmware Enabler app also managed to put out a new custom firmware version of the latest official PSP firmware. Gaming-side, we saw a few releases here and there along with a couple of updates for the JPCSP Java-based PSP emulator. Hit the full article for the rest of this week’s PSP Homebrew Weekend Warrior.

Link: PSP Homebrew Weekend Warrior

PS3 - Image 1Some so-called “video evidence” of the long-rumored and much-denied PS3 Slim surfaced this week. The video was grainy, shaky, and you couldn’t really see the thing in question that clearly. Kinda like footage of Bigfoot. Hit the jump for the rest of the big PS3 news in this week’s edition of the PS3 Weekend Warrior.

Link: PS3 Weekend Warrior

Xbox - Image 1With 12 posts on your favorite Xbox 360 exclusives and 12 more about Microsoft and its high-profile projects, today’s Xbox 360 Weekend Warrior ought to give you your fill of 360 news. Grab a snack ’cause this one is gonna take a while if you want to keep yourself updated with the goings-on in Microsoft’s side of the industry.

Link: Xbox 360 Weekend Warriorr

Wii - Image 1This week’s recap doesn’t say much in terms of heavyweight news, but what it lacks in jumps, it makes up for in variety. We’ve had a good week after all, with news ranging from Darklord’s lives, black Wiis, all the way to the MoonShell. Read on to find out what I’m talking about.

Link: WiiDS Weekend Warrior

Apple - Image 1There’s a bit of a shortage in iPhone games in this week’s edition of the iPhone Weekend Warrior, but fear not, the recap still has some goodies with which you could tinker with your iPhone. In case you missed it, that prematurely released Resident Evil 4 for iPhone turns out to be completely legit, and you can read about that and a lot more right here.

Link: iPhone Weekend Warrior

Industry News:

When President Obama advised the parents to limit the time their children spend playing video games, the industry had been generally quiet — until Microsoft responded, that is. Even more interesting is how they crafted their reply in such a way that a) it does not directly argue with Obama’s statement — in fact, it agrees with it, and b) they still managed to advertise their console, the Xbox 360. Characterizing it as the “only console gaming system that has a timer feature allowing parents to set time limits for their kids,” they’re pretty daring, if I may say so myself. Then again, Microsoft wouldn’t be the first to advertise via the President.

Link: Microsoft responds to Obama’s “put away the Xbox” comment

New Yorkers will soon be facing tougher road rules as the senate has just passed the bill making texting, browsing the net, or playing video games while driving illegal. It all makes sense, actually. After all, while we do not question the multitasking capabilities of people nowadays, it’s still much better to get to your destination well and in one piece. It would, after all, be highly unfortunate and unnecessary for anyone to get into an accident just because the driving was “trying to sustain his Patapon’s fever.”

Link: Gaming while driving soon to be illegal in New York State

Earlier this week, analysts gave out their forecast regarding the NPD results for the month of June. To be blunt, it was not all peachy. They were, in fact, expecting a rather bleak scenario for the gaming industry: the fourth consecutive month with sales decline.

Media Create of Japan first released their results for software sales before the NPD did. According to their charts for the week of July 6th thru the 12th, the DS still rakes in the most cash, with RPG Dragon Quest IX selling over a whopping 2 million units.

On Thursday evening, industry watchers and players finally got hold of the much-awaited NPD results for June 2009, but only to release their abated breaths into long, resigned sighs. For the fourth consecutive month, hardware and software sales continue to drop, and this time, it’s the worst by far. How bad? As in nine years bad.

Link: Analysts foresee fourth consecutive sales decline for June NPD results
Link: Media Create software sales for 07/06 to 07/12: Dragon Quest IX sells over 2 million
Link: NPD June 2009 charts: Largest sales drop since 2000

With that dismal showing, you’d think there could possibly be no good thing to come out of it, right? Wrong, according to Michael Pachter. And that good thing could come in the form of the much craved for price cut. Yes, even Sony would have to give in sometime soon if the sales continue to go down.

Link: Pachter: If they keep going down, down, you’ll get your price cut — even from Sony

The Penny Arcade Expo organizers just released the winners for the PAX 10 Independent Games. These winners will then be showcased during the expo, with higher hopes of being picked up by publishers. The top ten list can be found in the article linked below.

Link: PAX 2009 Independent Games Showcase details

Understandably so, some people are skeptical about the arrival of motion controls into the gaming realm. Electronic Arts boss Keith Ramsdale, however, is of the opinion that it is in fact a very good thing for the industry. “Beneficial” was the term he used for it. How? Read on to find out.

Link: Motion control will be beneficial to the industry, says EA UK boss

UK gamers are looking at a rather cold gaming Christmas as retailers are on the verge of jacking up their prices on account of Activision’s move to price Modern Warfare 2 at UK£ 54.99. Activision for their part is showing no remorse over this move, and in fact even got a backer in the persona of an anonymous boss from a “big, mainstream publisher.” Meanwhile, Electronic Arts is clearly distancing themselves from Activision’s move, saying that they have no plans whatsoever to increase their RRPs for the holidays.

Link: UK games holiday price hike, thanks to Modern Warfare 2

Electronic Arts offered their headquarters as venue for GLAAD’s panel discussing homophobia in virtual communities and how best they can protect themselves against discrimination and hateful language. Homosexuals are often targeted with verbal abuse even in online games.

Link: EA and GLAAD to hold panel against homophobia in online games

Pachter was definitely not happy when a Michigan economics professor testified in court for a class-action lawsuit against EA, saying that the publisher overcharged gamers by up to US$ 96. Not that it was out of an altruistic sense to defend the company, but  mostly because the professor allegedly used wrong data.

Link: Pachter calls out economics professor who says EA overcharged gamers by up to US$ 926 million

With the impending arrival of the PSP Go, GaiKai creator David Perry is not wasting any breath in painting the picture as clear as it can be: physical games media is on its last breath. Of course, while going fully digital will obviously have its glorious benefits, it also does have certain downsides. And of course, his GaiKai can bring the upside to those downsides.

Link: David Perry: physical games media is on its last breath

Did you know that a gaming rehab clinic in China actually made use of electro shock therapy on their patients? That’s pretty hardcore, right? Well, their government has heard about it, and the Ministry of Health has thankfully ordered the practice to be stopped.

Link: China’s Ministry of Health puts a stop to electro shock therapy for gaming addicts

Nobody would want to get into any trouble, especially if you’re going up against a club of ass-kicking wrestling experts. Unfortunately, EA Sports just earned the ire of UFC for refusing to partner with them, only to later on announce their own MMA game at this year’s E3. Peter Moore addresses the issue in a recent blog post, albeit indirectly. He better thank his lucky stars that UFC president Dana White expressed his displeasure with mere statements, and not with his fist. A bloody nose certainly wouldn’t have looked good on Peter Moore, I reckon.

Link: UFC’s Dana White: EA told us we weren’t a real sport
Link: Peter Moore talks about mixed martial arts

Unfortunately, the Newcastle Studio of newly-saved Midway could not be rescued from final shut down after failing to find a buyer before the end of the required notification time under UK law. About 80 staff members had to go home and join the growing club of “unemployed.”

Link: Midway shuts down Newcastle studio

An id-Bethesda collaboration may sound swell, but unfortunately for fans awaiting this team-up, no such thing may be happening just yet. Pete Hines said that this is not under consideration at the moment since id still has their hands full on several other projects. Maybe next time, boys.

Link: Hines: id-Bethesda collaboration not being considered yet

The London Games Festival has been announced to run this October, promising activities and events for everyone. Yes, including your parents.

Link: London Games Festival opening in October

That’s it guys. Told you you wouldn’t want to miss this one. Be sure to keep us company again this week. Am sure things can only get hotter from here.

Keep ’em jumping!

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