Radical Entertainment: Prototype not coming with multiplayer

Radical Entertainment: multiplayer not coming with Prototype - Image 1This is definitely not good news to those wickedly addicted to online multiplayer, but for many fans of Sierra Entertainment‘s new and original action title of impressive proportions, this new development is probably more of a plus. Radical Entertainment, the talented developers behind Prototype (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC), just revealed that multiplayer features won’t be available when the game releases this year. Find out why at the full story.

Radical Entertainment: multiplayer not coming with Prototype - Image 1

In order to achieve their goal of producing a good quality, highly successful title by the end of 2008, Radical Entertainment said that multiplayer features will not be available when Prototype (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC) gets released worldwide. Despite earlier plans to include some enjoyment after the single-player experience, Radical doesn’t want to sacrifice the game’s more valued single-player campaign and squeeze in multiplayer with possible balancing issues.

Tim Bennison, executive producer at Radical Entertainment, wasn’t looking forward to delaying Prototype to 2009 either, as the original plan was to release the action video game within 2008 and with a high level of polish. This notable safe treading on Radical’s part could be attributed to the fact that Prototype is a new IP with no predecessor – let alone a successful one – to lean on, and they were aiming on making Prototype into a successful franchise on its own. He also added: “WeÂ’ve made the decision that we canÂ’t fit it into our original plans delivered with the same level of quality/polish as the rest of the game this time around.”

Though Sierra Entertainment and Radical’s Prototype won’t ship with multiplayer, Radical isn’t completely eliminating that possibility that such features could be added post-release. Bennison says that they are hoping Prototype does well at retail – well enough to spur the developers to create downloadable content adding multiplayer features to the initial release.

And what’s more is that if Prototype wins a large enough crowd, Radical will cough up a sequel and just maybe have multiplayer planned out from the start. You can expect that to kick off after they’ve carefully reviewed the other facets of incorporating online features, of course. More updates as we get them.

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