Ragnarok Online DS: scans, details now out

Ragnarok Online - Image 1After more than a year of not hearing anything from the game, Ragnarok Online DS is finally set for a Japanese release at the end of this year, and GungHo Online Entertainment has finally released juicy details on the DS adaptation of the popular Korean MMO. The details and Famitsu scans await in the full article.

After an entire year since its last update, GungHo Online Entertainment‘s Ragnarok Online DS finally gets a release date, along with heaps of details (courtesy of Famitsu scans provided by Gamekyo) that are certain to make any and all fans of the popular Korean MMORPG running to buy a DS, if they still don’t own one.

Ragnarok Online DS GungHo Online Entertainment - Image 1 Ragnarok Online DS GungHo Online Entertainment - Image 2 

Ragnarok Online DS is actually a misnomer of sorts – like most other DS RPGs, the game is focused on a single-player campaign. As the novice Ares, players will create their own guild with members belonging to various job classes, including Knight, Thief, and Magician. Two new classes are included in the game: Dark Knight and Shaman.

There is online play of course, and players can form a three-member party and plow through the Tower of Mirages, a randomized 50-tier dungeon.

As for controls, Ragnarok Online DS seems to employ a control scheme similar to The World Ends with You, with players tapping to pick up items and attack enemies. As for spells, players only need to draw a circle with their stylus on the ground on which they want to cast their spell on.

Ragnarok Online DS will be released in Japan on December 18, but so far there’s no news about the game being localized for the US or other territories.

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