Rare LittleBigPlanet complaint: Media Molecule boss is annoyed with controls

Me don't like youuuuu... - Image 1It’s rather common to have complaints on a game. But to have it come from its own creators? Not so much. Mark Healy of Media Molecule says he’s “annoyed” by LittleBigPlanet‘s controls. But don’t take that statement at face value. See what else he’s got to say about it at the full article.

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Whoa! What’s this? We’ve gotten so used to hearing only excited, happy thoughts on Media Molecule‘s LittleBigPlanet that stumbling across a negative comment is just all too shocking! We’re thinking the shock level could be somewhere close to when Tina Fey wins the VP spot instead of Sarah Palin — or maybe not.

But we digress. This statement here is so uncharacteristic of LittleBigPlanet‘s usual fawning comments, it’s hard to digest that it actually came from a Media Molecule insider. Waaaay inside. As in co-founder inside.

Yep, MM co-founder Mark Healey admits that he is “annoyed” by the game’s controls. His complaint zooms in particularly on the Z movement. According to him,

The Z [axis] movement is an incredibly hard thing for us to get right. There’s times when it annoys me actually, but we can work on that if we want, and refine it. But on the whole, we got to a good place with it I think, because we wanted to cater for my mother and someone that’s a hardcore player, so it was hard to get the balance there.

And it seems like he’s not alone. There have been some complaints from those checking out the beta that moving Sackboy between planes in the “2.5D” perspective is rather difficult.

But not to worry, boys and girls. It’s nothing that a good ol’ downloadable update can’t fix. In fact, that’s exactly what they have in mind: release changes post-release via DLC.

There’s definitely room for improvement and we’ve got the channel to be able to do that as well. I’d really love to be able to do backflips and all kinds of things with my Sackboy, and there’s no reason why we cant add that and refine that.

LittleBigPlanet is invading your world on October 24th. Expect more news and updates rolling in as this date draws near.

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