Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk (Wii) official site opens

Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk (Wii) official site opens - Image 1We’re letting the readers know that the Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk official site is now open for visitors. The site currently carries game-related details and screenshots, with a video trailer also being readied for release. More details are available in the full article.

Rebel Raiders:Operation Nighthawk (Wii) official site opens - Image 1 

Wondering what’s happened to Kando Game’s Rebel Raider: Operation Nighthawk, given that it was last scheduled to arrive for the Wii last March?

For one, it’s gotten its own official website, along with a new launch date: Expect it to launch this May 6 (according to GoNintendo and IGN). Rebel Raider‘s official site will offer up the Wii owners the game’s story background, along with screenshots how the Wii build looks.

There’s also a link to a game trailer, though it’s still under construction. One detail that was missing – and this author would love to know – is Rebel Raider‘s control scheme for the Wii.

Will it be using a traditional setup like the GameCube controller, or will it make use of the Wiimote‘s motion-sensitivity controls? A throttle (Nunchuck) and control stick (Wiimote) rig sounds about right.

Those interested in viewing the official Rebel Raiders site will want to click on the source link below.

Via Rebel Raiders official site

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