Reggae man sues Rockstar, Take-Two for music copyright in GTA IV

GTA IV logo - Image 1Give credit where it’s due, boys and girls. This is the lesson that can be had from this story. A Jamaican reggae musician slapped charges against Rockstar and Take-Two for allegedly not properly recognizing him as a co-writer for a couple of tracks being played on the GTA IV (Xbox 360, PS3) airwaves. Details on the lawsuit – and subsequent events – after the jump.

Massive B GTA IV radio station - Image 1Looks like trouble never sleeps in Liberty City, indeed. This time around, it’s a music copyright lawsuit that’s filed against Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV, particularly on the songs played on the in-game radio station.

Jamaican Linton White alleged in his complaint that the reggae song “Last Night” making its rounds on the GTA IV (Xbox 360, PS3) airwaves care of the reggae station, Massive B Sound System 96.9, was actually co-written by him with one David Brooks (aka “Mavado”). Apart from that song, there’s also “Bullet Proof Skin”, which he says he co-wrote with Brooks and Rodney Basil price.

Although Linton was recognized and credited as a producer on Mavado’s Gangsta for Life album (2007), his beef is that he was not credited for co-authorship on the said tracks in the Liberty City Guidebook that comes along with a copy of the sandbox title.

Linton’s complaint states that:

In the… Liberty City Guidebook… [Take-Two and Rockstar] designate D. Brooks and B. Konders as the writers of “Last Night.” …[Take-Two and Rockstar] designate D. Brooks and R. Price as the writers of Bullet Proof Skin.” No designation is made of plaintiff as a writer.

Reportedly, plaintiff Linton is demanding for US$ 150,000, plus punitive damages and other fees. In Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive‘s reply, they argued that there is no merit to Linton’s case. However, even before a decision can be made, the case was already dropped from the courts as of yesterday.

There is no word as to how much Linton got in the settlement – or if there ever was any in the first place. Both parties refused to divulge information on this matter.

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