Repair specialist: Xbox 360 Elite RRODs not so rampant

Xbox 360 - Image 1Following reports of rampant failures concerning Xbox 360 Elite units in the UK, Microsoft has denied the stories and downplayed the details which were divulged. An independent repair specialist took on Microsoft’s side this time around, saying that Elites are far less prone to the notorious red rings of death which has plagued earlier versions  of the console. More after the jump.

Xbox 360 Elite - Image 1A story published by the UK Daily Mirror reported several days ago that Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 Elite SKU suffers from the same widespread failure issues that plagued its predecessors. The  Daily Mirror described the “red ring of death” (RROD) problem as ‘endemic’ and said that a huge repair fund has been allocated by Microsoft to take care of units being sent back.

Microsoft has denied the details in the article and downplayed the gravity of the situation. In a seemingly unbiased support of that statement, a customer service manager from repair service Micromart has given out his thoughts on the matter based on experience.

“I can’t really comment on that story in today’s Daily Mirror,” said Geoff Croft of Micromart. “All I can say is that we have had very few Elites in for repair since they launched last year.”

“We don’t deal directly with the three red rings problem any more, although we would still have heard from our retail clients if it was becoming an issue with the Xbox 360 Elite,” he added.

Micromart, however, has conceded that a growing problem with older Xbox 360 SKUs exists. Croft said that their company receives around 10 Xbox 360s a week with graphics chip-related problems. The repair service considers this a major issue and advises customers to go directly to Microsoft so that the company can take more decisive measures to protect customers against it.

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