Resistance 2 UK beta hits a snag

Resistance 2 - Image 1Due to a mix up on which beta client to upload, the UK‘s Resistance 2 beta will have to be delayed by a couple of days. SCEE and promises that the new codes to the proper file downloads will be distributed on Wednesday, Oct. 22. The file will be 2.2GB.

Resistance 2 - Image 1

Bah. It seems that there was a problem with the codes for UK‘s Resistance 2 beta. Simply put, they didn’t work. The proper codes will be distributed on Wednesday, the 22nd. Only a couple of days more to wait, really, but it’s a delay that’s a little hard to forgive considering how much people have been anticipating this game. Here’s hoping nothing else hits the fan in the interim.

To those curious as to what went wrong, it seemed beta players downloaded a 1.7GB beta file and discovered that it didn’t connect to any of the servers. As it turned out, that particular file was for the US closed beta that took place last September and not the UK beta file, which is about 2.2GB in size.

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