Reviewer Alex Navarro resigns from GameSpot

Alex Navarro - Image 1After Frank Provo’s decision to leave the GameSpot ship comes another quite saddening news: Alex Navarro, the GameSpot reviewer famous for his podcasts, also decided to hand in his resignation from the gaming site. Details in the full article.

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The trouble looming over GameSpot isn’t over yet. Just a week after former GameSpot reviewer Frank Provo left the gaming information site, and about a month after the Jeff Gerstmann controversy, another GS veteran Alex Navarro announced that his duties in GameSpot will end on January 24. The news was relayed to Kotaku by GameSpot’s editorial director, Ricardo Torres.

According to Torres, they are already looking for people to fill in the vacated positions as soon as possible, to fix their quite understaffed review crew. When asked about what the other editors thought about the issue, Torres said that GameSpot is still “moving forward,” citing the support of their fans who still choose to stand by them as their main reason to keep GameSpot going.

Navarro is well known for his contributions to GameSpot’s podcast the HotSpot. The reasons for his decision to resign from his post is currently unknown, but you can be sure that we’ll keep tabs on it.

Via Kotaku

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