RIN Wii: A GameBoy Color emulator for the Wii

Wii - Image 1Ever wonder what it would be like to emulate Nintendo's own handhelds on its next-gen console? Then wonder no more as homebrew developer mirakichi has just released RIN Wii, a Game Boy Color emulator for the Nintendo Wii. Now playing Pokemon Gold or Pokemon Silver on your very own motion-sensing console isn't too far off of a dream. All the details in the full article.

Download: RIN Wii v1

Here's a special treat, for those of us who want some Game Boy Color emulating joy onto their Nintendo Wiis: homebrew developer mirakichi has just released RIN Wii, a port of the original Windows-based emulator of the same name. Let's check out and see what this latest version offers us, as well as see it in action via a gameplay video.

So, what's new with RIN? Here's the changelog in its full, Google-translated glory:

  • SD card slot front load image from the corresponding ROM.
  • Binary public
Not a lot to go on, but suffice to say it works, as proven by the video below. In it, we see the classic Twilight Hack being executed, the code running off the screen, and then the emulator finally kicking in with Link's Awakening DX. The gameplay is pretty accurate, with the action at a decent clip. Very nice, indeed.

As always, we remind everyone to read up on Wii homebrew before attempting anything else.

Download: Rin Wii v1

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