Rising Star Games: Europe’s No More Heroes to have better framerate

No More Heroes Grasshopper Manufacture - Image 1Do you live in Europe and upset about the fact that there’s no blood or gore in the localized version of No More Heroes? Here’s something that you should know: according to the game’s European publisher, Rising Star Games, Europe’s No More Heroes will have an edge over the American version: better framerate. Read all about it in the full article.

No More Heroes Travis Touchdown - Image 1American gamers may have the bloody version of Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture‘s No More Heroes, but it looks like the European bloodless version of the game will have an edge over the blood-spattered US adaptation.

Apparently, one of Go Nintendo’s readers emailed Rising Star Games (No More Heroes‘ publisher in Europe) about the alleged censorship of the European version, and this is part of the response sent by the gaming publisher’s representative:

He (Suda 51) believes that the Japanese / European version plays faster and smoother than the American version and says he feels it is more enjoyable to play.

The fact that the bloodless Japanese and European version has better framerate is definitely intriguing, to say the least. So, do you prefer your No More Heroes bloody, or with better framerate? Do hit the comments link to make your voice heard.

Via Go Nintendo

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