Rockstar mum on fourth Grand Theft Auto IV trailer rumors

Logo of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV - Image 1If you’re wondering when the fourth trailer of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360, PS3) is going to go live, then don’t be too disappointed if we may never get to see it.

Rockstar Games has decided to keep its silence regarding rumors on the supposed trailer. What’s more, the website that first reported the rumor has already pulled out the article which sparked it in the first place. For more information, check out the full article after the jump!

Rockstar mum on fourth GTA IV trailer rumors - Image 1If you’ve already heard some of the rumors flying around about the fourth trailer to the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360 and PS3) in the pipeline, then don’t be too surprised if Rockstar Games refuses to comment on the matter.

That’s exactly the stance that Rockstar has put up in the face of these rumors and it doesn’t help that the website which originally posted the rumor has pulled down its article reporting the supposed trailer.

The rumor originally appeared on the German website, mentioning the confirmation of the fourth GTA IV trailer from an interview with Rockstar.

However, taking a look at the site now, the article has already been pulled out, which makes you wonder if it was done so at the request of the video game development company or simply because it wasn’t true.

While Rockstar itself refused to comment on the matter, it simply reassured gamers that the game will still be on track with its release by the second quarter of the fiscal calendar – which runs from February to April 25 of this year.

Once again, we’ll just have to wait and see if Rockstar decides to pull another hat trick out of its sleeve until then. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on any developments regarding GTA IV, so keep yourselves posted with QJ.NET in the meantime.

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