RSPsar Dumper v3.2 now with firmware 3.93 compatibility

Red Squirrel, RSPsar Dumper developer - Image 1 Homebrew developer Red Squirrel was quick to gnaw on the official Sony 3.93 firmware frenzy with the latest build of RSPsar Dumper version 3.2. What else changed besides the 3.93 firmware compatibility? Check the details over at the full article.

Download: RSPsar Dumper v3.2
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Red Squirrel's RSPsar Dumper v3.2 - Image 1

With Sony’s recent release of the 3.93 firmware for the Playstation Portable, now is the best time to see who are the quickest draws among the homebrew developers. Red Squirrel held his ground with the release of RSPsar Dumper version 3.2 – now compatible with the new 3.93 official firmware.

Red Squirrel had some help on this one from “an unknown but very skilled” Blaky.
There are no bug fixes for this build like the previous version, so we may see this collaboration yet again. On the flip side, the Italian Red Squirrel has deleted italian.prx rendering RSPsar Dumper in English for all Sony PSPs.

What is RSPsar Dumper, you may ask? It’s the same as Team M33’s and other PSP homebrew devs’ Psar Dumpers – it extracts and dumps firmware from an Official Updater Eboot – but Red Squirrel’s version has a more catchy interface and can dump a firmware straight to a PC without a memory stick.

For more details and a hassle-free installation experience, we recommend you go through the readme first.

Download: RSPsar Dumper v3.2
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