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Alligator logo - Image 1We just love making our handhelds do all the stuff our PCs can do, and subscribing to RSS feeds using the PSP is only just one of them. For those looking for other RSS solutions for the PSP, here’s another one, Alligator, from Japanese developer voice-bank. Alligator lets you sync your PSP to the PC and manage RSS subscriptions, media podcast playlists, and more.

Download the application at the full article!

RSS logo - Image 1Those looking for more RSS feed solutions for the PSP may want to check this out: the RSS feed aggregator Alligator by voice-bank now has a PSP-friendly version that lets you manage podcasts and sync with the PSP. Alligator also lets users manage playlists on the PC and synchronize them to the PSP through iTunes.

According to Alligator’s PSP Sync Help section, you need to connect your PSP to your PC via USB cable. Run the Alligator application in your PC, and put your preferred RSS feeds in Alligator’s PSP folder. Once ready, just click “Sync with PSP” to sync the RSS channels to your PSP. You can find your video and audio podcasts on the PSP’s Music and Video folders.

To use this simple application, just download the file below and install it on your PC. Additional help can be found in the Via link. Enjoy!

Download: Alligator for PSP

Via Alligator

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