Rumor: BioWare’s Mass Effect banned in Singapore?

Rumor: Mass Effect banned in Singapore? - Image 1If what we’re hearing is correct, the Lion City may not have such a roaring reception readied for the upcoming release of Mass Effect for the Xbox 360. Rumor has it that Singapore has decided to ban the game from being distributed in their locale, following the showing of a love scene that’s expected to take place during the RPG’s gameplay. More details on this matter are readable in the full article.

Rumor: Mass Effect banned from Singapore? - Image 1As the GameAxis site originally reported, it seems that Mass Effect from BioWare for the Microsoft Xbox 360 has been banned from the country of Singapore. Details are still sketchy at this point – hence we’ll slap it with a rumor tag – but it seems that the country’s also gotten wind of Mass Effect‘s (not so) controversial love scene between a female human, and a female alien.

That aside, no other details were provided, such as whether any other in-game material may have caused their local ratings board to enact the banhammer. At the moment, we’re still looking for confirmation of this rumor – even the members of the Mass Effect official forums are still trying to confirm is this is true. For the moment, we advise the readership to keep an eye out for any related updates that might get released.

Mass Effect is expected to hit North America in a little less than two weeks, with a Mature (17 years and above) rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board  (ESRB).

Via GameAxis

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