Rumor: DivX to arrive in PSP FW 4.0?

DivX on your PSP? - Image 1Take this next bit of big info with a grain of salt, folks. We’ve just found out a juicy new rumor that should have interesting repercussions should it prove true.

The subject of said rumor? DivX. The rumor: it’s coming to the PSP in a future firmware update.

It’s a pretty big rumor, right? Find out more in the full article.

DivX for the PSP? - Image 1

According to a recent post on Gamer Gal’s Insider, it seems Sony‘s PSP may very well be getting itself certification to use a very special four-letter word: DivX. That’s the new rumor we’ve gotten word of, and it’s certainly pretty juicy.

Here’s the main excerpt from the Insider report:

Seems our little friend the PSP will soon be getting DivX Certification to allow for the downloading of movies and TV shows through the PC store, transferred from PS3 and from selected third party online retailers (psst…starts with G and ends with le).

The post continues, stating that this might very well happen in two months, with the release of PSP Firmware update 4.0.

As you can probably guess, this rumor makes known two big things. The first is the potential arrival of DivX on the PSP, and the second is the possibility of seeing FW 4.0 in two months. As always, take this rumor with a grain of salt. We’ll keep checking for more word on this development, however, so keep checking QJ for updates.

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