Rumor: Final Fantasy Agito 13 cancelled?

Final Fantasy Agito 13 - Image 1 Has Final Fantasy Agito XIII – the mobile component of Square Enix‘s Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation – been canned? A recent statement given by Square Enix big boss Yoichi Wada has people wondering about the mobile game’s future. More in the full article.

Final Fantasy Agito 13 - Image 1A statement from Square Enix big boss Yoichi Wada has led to questions about the future of Final Fantasy Agito 13. During a company shareholder meeting last week, Wada revealed that one of their mobile games has been put on hold:

Concerning the title that connects to the home console, development has been ceased as it is unsuitable at the current time.

The “connects to the console” part seems to point to Final Fantasy Agito 13. The mobile game was supposed to have connectivity features with Final Fantasy 13 for the PS3.

Of course, FF13 character designer Tetsuya Nomura has also said before that Final Fantasy Agito 13 would have to wait until 4G phones become widely available. Japanese company NTT DoCoMo plans to release the first commercial 4G network in 2010.

Via Kotaku

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