Rumor: Forza Motorsport 3 to require two discs due to content?

Forza 3 to require 2 discs? - Image 1400 different cars,100 tracks, and near limitless customization options for cars. Do you think that’ll fit in a single Xbox 360 disc? The folks behind Forza Motorsport 3 don’t seem to think so. At least, if you’re going by a recent leak that’s circulating the internet now. Learn more about it after the jump!

Forza Motorsport 3 to be on two discs? - Image 1 Forza Motorsport 3 to be on two discs? - Image 2 

Courtesy of the recent Intellisponse marketing leak comes another intriguing rumor, as well as a bright idea, relating to the future of Forza Motorsport 3 for Microsoft‘s console. According to the leak, it seems Forza 3 will require two discs due to the amount of content that’ll be available in the game.

How much content, you ask? Well, according to the information gleaned from the pictures above, there might be over 400 different car models and 100 tracks available from the get-go. Furthermore, we can expect to see different racing styles included in the game, as well as an assist system, car damage and, as the leak describes it, “Near limitless customization options for car tuning and custom artwork“. Hello Kitty roadsters for the win!

As for the bright idea we mentioned above, the other half of the Forza 3 leak talks about the potential awesomeness that could be found in a Collector’s Edition version of the game. For those of you who are having trouble blowing up the picture on the right, here’s what it says:

Imagine that an exclusive Forza 3 Limited Collector’s Edition was released that included the full version of the game plus membership in a special VIP program that would entitle the buyer to all future Forza 3 downloadable content, access to exclusive online race events and prizes, VIP status on Forza Auction House an Community boards, extra server space for photos and videos, and a free month of LIVE. The Collector’s Edition would also include exclusive motorsports content not found anywhere else – This could be anything from authentic racing gear (gloves, helmets, etc.) to specially crated automobile manufacture gear (branded jackets, etc.) to VIP motorsport event tickets.

Imagine indeed. The only thing they didn’t include in that imaginary Collector’s Edition scenario was the kitchen sink of a famous race car driver. It’s certainly good news, but until we get confirmation on both points, consider this a lovely, wishful rumor.

Via NeoGAF

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