Rumor: is LucasArts out of the Entertainment Software Association, too?

The LucasArts logo - Image 1By this time, you probably already know that Vivendi and Activision have left the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). That being the case, the companies’ names aren’t on the ESA‘s official website. Then again, LucasArts isn’t on the site either. Could this mean that it has left the ESA as well? More on this in the full article after the jump.

A section of the current ESA member list with LucasArts missing - Image 1Have you visited the Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA‘s) official website recently? For those of you who haven’t, suffice it to say that there is a listing of current ESA members right on the front page. Of course, Vivendi and Activision are longer on the list, since it’s been reported that they left the association some time ago due to “business reasons.”

What’s peculiar is that LucasArts isn’t on the current list, either. Could the company have left the ESA as well, or was the emission of the company’s name due to error? GamePolitics has already sent messages out to contacts at the company in order to confirm this. An ESA representative even said that “he would look into it.”

Until official word comes in, we’ll consider this a rumor. Stay tuned for more updates as we get them. Regardless of whether or not LucasArts has actually left the ESA, though, the fact remains that certain parties have been critical of the way the organization (and current president Mike Gallagher) have been running things.

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