Rumor: MAG, The Agency getting betas soon?

RUMOR ALERT! - Image 1A couple of Sony‘s massive online games — Zipper Interactive‘s MAG and SOE‘s very own The Agency — are rumored to be gearing up for beta releases soon. More after the jump.

MAG and The Agency - Image 1

Sony‘s The Agency (also on PC) dropped out of the radar for a bit these past few months, but it seems gamers will be getting a taste of the game’s beta as soon as E3 rolls around in June.

PS3center reports that according to an “anonymous source” who was at a recent Sony event in Seattle, SOE is apparently readying The Agency for a beta test sometime around that timeframe.

Zipper Interactive is also rumored to be releasing a beta for the massive FPS fragfest MAG at around the same time. This comes from the same anonymous source.

The Agency is slated for a 2010 release while MAG is gunning for an earlier Fall 2009 launch. We’re still waiting for official announcements from SOE, Zipper, and Sony, so take this with a grain of salt, guys.

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